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Delivery & Consulting - Senior Consultant

RemoteGermany, Rheinland-Pfalz, MainzProdukt

Job description

Delivery & Consulting - Senior Consultant

Do you love Blockchain technology and are passionate about it? Do you love to brainstorm about new projects and concepts, which are unique and have not been there before? Then you should join the CPI team.

Creative people and companies from all around the world come to us, to talk about their ideas and want to turn them into reality. Most of them have only a high-level plan of how things should work. CPI, with more than 5 years of experience in the blockchain industry takes the ideas of its potential customers and turns them into a ground-breaking MVP concept. This contains a technical concept, a marketing strategy and if necessary, also a fundraising strategy (NFT-Offering, Security Token Offering, Private Placements).

The CPI team consists of highly engaged marketing, fundraising and software development experts, that work altogether, hand in hand, to realize our projects.

Job requirements

The Role

Unique opportunity for a Senior Consultant in our Delivery & Consulting Area. This role can be performed remotely although from time to time, and subject to the Client’s needs, onsite presence might be required, both at the Client’s premises and at our main office in Frankfurt, Germany. We are a start-up about to scale-up.

We are one of the fastest growing blockchain development companies in Europe and now North America, building out household name applications across finance, Supply Chain, Digital Identity, DeFi, NFT’s and general Blockchain SaaS solutions. Most of our employees operate fully remotely and we are looking for staff across several disciplines.

You'd become part of the founding team of our business, responsible for playing a key role in shaping the existing culture, systems, and overall approach to project delivery as we scale from 3 squads to 9 and beyond.


  • Certified in Agile and PM Methodologies
  • 3+ years of experience working on greenfield (from scratch) Blockchain projects.
  • Participate in daily stand-up meetings, planning meetings, reviews, and retrospectives
  • 3-5 years minimum experience coaching, consulting, and hosting Blockchain related workshops. Plus is exposure to tokenomics scenario modelling and fundraising with blockchain technology.
  • 3+ years of experience co-ordinating with multiple squads, effective at working with multiple stakeholders (both internal and external), extremely detail-oriented, self-directed, proactive, and accountable to meeting deadlines.


You will be responsible for translating a set of business needs/requirements and transforming them into high fidelity deliverables. In addition, you might also be involved in business development presentations, business planning, fundraising decks, and training material.

From a technology standpoint, you will work closely with other teams to design and visualise decentralised systems, process flows, and reference diagrams and tailor them depending on the specific use case.

You must be proficient at building business and financial models, understanding and articulating business processes and user flows, and creating supporting written and visual documentation.